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Canamo Concentrates™ offers a full line of concentrates mirroring the variety found in today's medicinal and recreational markets. For those of you who are new to the concentrate game, a cannabis extract is any oil that is a concentration of the plant’s chemical compounds, most common of which is THC and CBD. This is achieved through a variety of extraction processes and solvents; the most common being light hydrocarbon gas mixtures in a closed-loop extraction machine. The end product is a highly potent oil of varying consistencies that are  most commonly used for vaporizing and dabbing. Different techniques and extraction processes can produce a variety of different styles and textures which are identified below.

Product Types

Canamo offers a diverse selection of products for the cannabis concentrate consumer. All of our products are meticulously processed, purged and packaged and are always delivered accompanied by third-party lab testing.


LIVE CONCENTRATES Live Resin concentrates are crafted using only “live” cannabis starting material. In order to be considered “live” cannabis, the input material for the concentrate must be frozen immediately upon being harvested, properly packaged and stored in preparation of extraction. The “fresh-frozen” cannabis retains the most volatile and elusive terpenes, which are commonly lost during the typical dry/cure processes of commercial cannabis cultivation. The retention of these volatile constituents translates into an incredible extracted oil with an unparalleled representation of the starting material’s cannabinoid and flavor profiles.

CURED CONCENTRATES Cured Resin concentrates are still crafted from the same high-quality input material as the Live Resin extracts but the material has instead been “hang-dried”, “trimmed” and “cured” prior to arriving at the extraction lab. Cured input material is the most commonly processed cannabis in today’s commercial extraction industry.



Badder production begins with a thorough “material input” selection process and is followed by the post-production implementation of “low-temp” purging parameters and a technical agitation of the refined oil. The combination of these factors ensures that the texture of the finished concentrate is the “cake batter” or “frosting” like consistency that dabbers everywhere have grown to love. Canamo Badder is incredibly easy to work with, making it a great option for anyone wanting better precision in dosing their dabs or greater efficiency in rationing their stash. This Premier Tier extract can be purchased in both Cured and Live varieties.

AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 70% - 85% Total Cannabinoids


DAB HACKS: Don’t have a carb cap? Use the glass bottom of Canamo’s Badder container as a substitute for an improved dabbing experience.

Rome wasn’t build in a dab

Always start small with any cannabis concentrate to assess your individual tolerance and ensure a comfortable, safe & happy experience. 

Terp Sauce is Canamo’s flagship “flavor-focused” concentrate. The defining feature of the Sauce is its inviting display of THCa crystalline, saturated in aromatic and flavor intense terpenes. So not only is Terp Sauce full of flavor, but it packs a serious punch of potency as well. Look for Canamo’s number one palate pleaser in both Live and Cured varieties at a dispensary near you!

AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 65% - 85% Total Cannabinoids


DAB HACKS: Use a “scoop” style dab tool to custom tailor the ratio of THCa Crystalline and high terpene extract (HTFSE) when dabbing Canamo’s Live Terp Sauce.

Fortune flavors the cold
Try the Canamo Cold Start if you really want a taste of your own medicine! (1) Place concentrate in banger (2) Place carb cap on banger (3) Use torch to heat banger from the bottom (4) Once you see vapors begin to rise in the banger, stop heating and enjoy an extremely flavorful, low-temp dab! (Additional heat can be applied to the banger to ensure that you’ve consumed all of your concentrate).



Packing a seriously powerful punch of cannabinoids, THCa is Canamo’s Premier Tier potency heavyweight. THCa offers a stunning display of crystalline, lightly covered in a complementary coating of strain-specific terpenes. There are two common methods of consuming THCa: dabbing the crystalline or ingesting it orally. While oral ingestion is safe for all consumers to enjoy comfortably, it is strongly advised that novice cannabis users do not partake in dabbing, smoking or vaping THCa due to the intense potency of this particular concentrate. Canamo’s THCa can reach potency ranges well above 90% total cannabinoids!

AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 85% - 99% Total Cannabinoids


HACKS: THCa can be crushed into a powder and ingested orally to maximize its medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects of “getting high”.

Look but don't touch

Your nail (or banger) will remain hot for a prolonged period of time after finishing your dab. Always be mindful and never directly touch or handle the nail immediately after use.

Shatter’s name is derived from the stable consistency of the finished concentrate. When the input material has a higher terpene content, the consistency can become tacky or malleable and is regularly referred to as “Pull and Snap”. Shatter is a visually appealing concentrate that provides a multitude of sedative qualities for even the most experienced concentrate connoisseur. Canamo Shatter is available in both Classic and Value Tier options.

AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 75% - 85% Total Cannabinoids


DAB HACKS: For easier handling with a stable shatter, slightly heat up the tip of your dab tool prior to breaking off your desired dab.

Cleanliness is next to globliness
To ensure the longevity of your dabbing devices, always clean any residual concentrates from your rig after using it. This will also help ensure that your next dab is as tasty & enjoyable as the last!



Utilizing specific parameters of heat and pressure, cannabis oil can be transformed into a rich and textured consistency commonly referred to as Crumble or Honeycomb. Similar to Shatter and Badder, Crumble’s name is indicative of the oil’s finished consistency. Due to its versatility and easily workable properties, Crumble is an ideal introductory extract for anyone interested in trying cannabis concentrates for the first time. Enjoy Canamo Crumble in both Classic and Value Tier options!

AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 75% - 85% Total Cannabinoids


DAB HACKS: On the go? Crumble is one of the best concentrates to use with an electronic wax-pen due to its easily workable consistency and greater resilience to heat, agitation and extensive handling.

To cap it all off...

Carb Caps are especially great for low-temp and flavor-centric dabs. The devices are engineered to increase the amount of pressure in your banger, lessening the overall temperature needed to vaporize the concentrates inside. concentrates because it is easier to break or “crumble” over a bowl of flower or sprinkle throughout a joint.

RHO is Canamo’s hydrocarbon spin on the popular product commonly referred to as “Rick Simpson Oil”. RHO is fully activated through the process of decarboxylation, which allows for the same versatility of consumption and delivery methods as RSO. The acronym stands for "Refined Hash Oil”, as the extract is processed with the intention of producing a cleaner alternative to any true RSO product. Canamo’s RHO still contains some of the non-cannabinoid constituents associated with RSO (i.e. fats and lipids) to aid in the product’s bioavailability but does so without sacrificing the elevated potency levels of the concentrate. One syringe of Canamo RHO can equate to roughly 900+ mg of activated cannabinoids!

AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 80% - 95% Total Cannabinoids

IDEAL DAB TEMP: The Canamo team does not recommend dabbing RHO

RHOreos: Split the cookie sandwich in half and dispense the desired dose of RHO onto the frosting portion of the cookie. Gently reconstruct the disassembled RHOreo and prepare for take off!

To cap it all off...

Proper storage techniques are crucial for preserving the integrity and ensuring the longevity of your concentrates. Make sure to store your stash in an air-tight container that’s kept in a cool, dark place (preferably at a temp between 55°f-60°f degrees).


Marijuana Warning: Marijuana has intoxicating effects & may be habit forming & addictive. Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, & judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence. There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana. For use only by adults 21 or older. Keep out of the reach of children. Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

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